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Tattoo Removal

If you're in Sheffield, South Yorkshire or NE Derbyshire and you think Tattoo Removal then no doubt you're thinking Sheffield Laser. Since our launch in 2009 we have quickly established ourselves as the clinic to come to for laser tattoo removal.

If you want a tattoo removed, you come to us because we do the job other clinics simply cannot do. We know tattoos inside and out with 2 of our most senior clinicians having studied the tattoo industry for a combined total of 25 years making us experts in this field.

We only use the finest quality Q-Switch Nd:YAG laser systems that are distributed in the UK to ensure quality of service at all time. Better yet we still operate a tattoo removal service from as little as £25 per treatment. Our grade A laser systems are of the highest specification & power level permitted within the European Union.

If you compare the cost of our service to our competitors, you will find that we offer the most competitive in the country. Our aim is to make Laser Tattoo Removal affordable to everyone without compromising on quality of service.

Mobile treatments in the comfort of your own home covering Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Chesterfield and Doncaster available on request for a surcharge.


Why does the ink stay in the skin when you have a tattoo?

When you have a tattoo the particles of ink are too large for the body to destroy, so instead, it encapsulates the particles of ink with a network of collagen fibres as the skin heals, and there the tattoo remains.

How does the Nd:YAG laser work to remove the ink?

The laser emits a pulse of light that the preferentially absorbed into certain colours of ink. The light enters the skin at a speed that is too fast to heat the skin (billionths of a second), instead, it produces a ‘shock wave; effect and breaks up the ink particles into smaller pieces, the body then recognised these particles as something that shouldn’t be there and attacks them, removing them naturally via the body’s own natural elimination system.

Can you treat all colours?

No. Light is measured in nanometres and there are two wavelengths of light that are emitted from this laser – one is invisible infrared light (1064nm) and the other is visible green light (532nm).

The infrared wavelength is preferrably absorbed into black and dark blue inks, whereas the green light is absorbed into red ink. It is possible to treat some other colours although white, yellow and bright colours are difficult.

This is not usually a problem however, as lighter colours cover very easily. If you wish to cover-up an existing tattoo then the darker colours will be faded or removed, allowing you greater choice of size and colour of the cover-up design you choose.

Are there any side effects?

When you have a tattoo the particles of ink are too large for the body to destroy, so instead, it encapsulates the particles of ink with a network of collagen fibres as the skin heals, and there the tattoo remains.

Will the laser scar my skin?

No. If bleeding or blistering does occur it is very important not to pick any scabs that may result when the skin is healing – this could cause scarring, and should be avoided as scar tissue can make further treatments more difficult.

Will the tattoo be removed in one treatment?

No, the light can only shatter a certain amount of ink in one treatment, so several treatments are needed (once every 4 weeks) to work through the layers. You will notice the tattoo fades more and more with every treatment you have.

A test patch will be performed at your initial session and consultation to check how the ink reacts to the treatment. A professional tattoo can take an average of 10 treatments although some indian ink and amateur tattoos can be removed within 6 treatments and sometimes only 1 or 2.

There are several factors that influence the number of treatments required, these can be down to how easily you heal, how deep the ink is in the skin, and the types of ink that were used. Generally speaking the longer you have had the tattoo and the darker it is, the easier it is to remove.

Will my tattoo disappear completely?

It is possible, but we cannot guarantee that your tattoo will be removed completely, this is due to the same factors that affect the number of treatments required. Certain areas may contain deeper pockets of ink that are very difficult to remove.

What happens to my skin after treatment?

The immediate after effect of the treatment is that the skin turns temporarily white, this is due to water evaporation and disappears within 15 minutes. The skin also swells and feels like mild sunburn, this usually disappears within 24-48 hours. The body continues to remove ink after the treatment and the skin is usually back to normal within 2-4 days. Full aftercare instructions are given at the consultation.

How long does the treatment take?

Treatments can take between 5 mins and 30 mins depending on the size of the tattoo. Large tattoos will need to be treated in several separate appointments to prevent too much trauma happening to the skin in one session.

Does it hurt?

The treatment feels similar to an elastic band being snapped at the skin and is easily tolerated by most people without any need for anaesthetic.

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